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Catching up with team news


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any news, including our two competitions this year.


The Lawrence Sertoma showing was not our best. Our main smoker, Hooter, stopped working right before we wanted to start smoking our pork butts. I brought the newly refurbished Knucklehead to smoke my briskets (Knucklehead gives the meat a top notch smoke ring) and also Hoss as an extra smoker since we were participating in the People’s Choice of the competition. Ultimately we were able to MacGruber Hoss to handle double duty for the competition and People’s Choice.

Sertoma has a great way to raise funds and let people pay to eat competition quality barbecue were normally you can’t eat at a barbecue event, unless you personally know a team. Sertoma provides the meat for People’s Choice (which is donated from local businesses) which teams smoke and enter to be judged by anyone who pays to eat it. The money raised from the People’s Choice went toward the Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Communication Camp so we were more than happy to participate.

Hoss was going to be used solely for smoking the meat for People’s Choice. Luckily we were able fit all of the meat on my two smokers, but just barely. We had a very hard time keeping the smoker temps normal because of two factors: the smokers will literally filled with meat during the first part of the smoking process and the winds were VERY active from 2am to 6am. We had to keep adjusting the fire box to manage the air intake. Anyone familiar with smoking will discuss the advantages of keeping a constant temperature throughout your smoking process. It is the keystone of a successful smoke.

Lawrence was a learning experience to say the least. I’m proud we had meat that reached the internal temperatures we wanted and we were able to submit meat for both competition and people’s choice.

Buy me a beer and I’ll spin you a yarn about high winds, low temps, and flying tents.

Cure` of Ars’

We came in 7th overall in Cure` of Ars’ Holy Smokes competition, which was a relief after Lawrence. We did not get any awards but finished high in every category, even though we are tinkering with some recipes. My brisket is finally starting to make some head way. It’s been good the last few years but hasn’t fared well in comps. Now it is getting close to being a contender. We tried to change up the flavor of our pork but it’s a little outside the “Kansas City” flavor for judges. Ribs are a mystery this season. We usually do well with ribs but we may be behind the judge’s tasting curve now and need to make some changes to keep up.


We are in the working part of our schedule, where we don’t compete; we cater to make up some of the cost for our expensive hobby. People throw large parties in the summer and we like to smoke. It’s a perfect match.

This has been a year in which we are getting close to making some signature barbecue. Our rubs and sauces are reaching maturity after three years of continual improvements. I feel we are close to reaping some rewards for all our hard work.

Happy competing,



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