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Bacon Assault Rifle?

Wow, I love bacon… but not as much as the guys from thisisfreakingridiculous.com.

Take a look at their BA-K-47!


Check out all the pics and their blog.


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The Lawrence Sertoma 48 is this weekend and we are preparing our smokers and our gear. Some of the new preparations are on our Contest page where we’ve added the KCBS Rules for 2009 and a BBQ Log I created to track smoking successes and failures, in addition to the BBQ Supply List already found on the page.

I also added new temp gauges for two of my smokers, Hoss and Knucklehead. I just refurbished Knucklehead, an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn. The original gauge no longer worked so I bought a nice Tel-Tru 3″ Day Glow face with a 4″ stem. Here’s a picture of the gauge on the smoker:


I smoked two brisket flats and some food for a neighbor on Knucklehead last weekend. I got to know the smoker very well while smoking for over 20 hours. I learned how hot I can consistently get the smoker temp, how to nurse my charcoal, and the location of the hot spots. Unfortunately, like a lot of horizontal smokers, the gauge is too high on the smoke chamber to accurately tell the temperature at the cooking level. The hot air rises in the smoke chamber and the gauge registers the temperature at the top of the smoke chamber, not the middle where I cook my food. After cooking this weekend, I used another gauge (skewered through a small potato) to determine the new gauge temp is 15-20 degrees higher than the temp at cooking level. I should be cooking around 275 on the gauge and it will be around 250 at grate level.

I also gave Hoss an update. I used my Dad’s grinder again and used more Very High Temp Paint to make Hoss look uniformly flat black. Also, the gauge for Hoss was pretty ugly and blackened due to a grease fire way back in the beginning of Hoss’ life. So I removed the gauge and added a cheaper Tel Tru I had on an older smoker I don’t use very often. I had to use bolts and washers to cover holes left by the old gauge. Here are some updated pictures of Hoss:


We are gathering our gear this week and are extremely excited about the coming event. We hope to see you there!

Happy competing!


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